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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Taking on the Giants of the Online Fashion Trade

It is little surprise that cornering a portion of the online fashion trade can be an uphill struggle. No sooner is the small startup open for business when the shadows of the established marketers overshadow the hope of profits. None of these giants is more prominent in the online market than the Amazon, whose sales account for over 20% of sales made online.


So, what’s the trick to beating the big business and making a valuable connection with a target audience?


Those looking for an answer to this very question should look at the stellar example being set by Kate Hudson and her line of fashionable sportswear “Fabletics”. With newly developed strategies and game plans this small startup has grown from nothing but a name to a $250 million-dollar operation in only a few short years.


How is this accomplished?


None of the success Fabletics has enjoyed would be possible without the foresight and skills of an intelligent marketing team. Flexibility and versatility are the only advantages the small nimble enterprise has against the lumbering market giants. The first notion they have fought is that of top-quality and high-fashion are only available with a debilitating price tag.


This approach is closely tied in to consumer interests in the modern market. The modern online consumer is prepared and searching to take advantage of brands that churn out fascinating designs and attractive styles for their fitness needs.


But, if the brand in question goes the extra mile to make the consumer more than just a source of commerce, than clients considers themselves especially lucky. This new approach to attracting a customer pools is exactly what the Fabletics line has been practicing and with tremendous results.


Fabletics and an innovative “Reverse Showrooming” approach


Showrooming a product is essential to gaining customer interest, but the client is smart. Designs found in an online showroom can be taken to a skilled tailor who can replicate a high-fashion design for a reduced cost than the original designers would charge.


This rather counterproductive habit has been addressed by Fabletics in an innovative “Reverse Showrooming” feature. Fabletics attracts a tight community of clients who have access to a showroom. Not only can a member obtain these fashionable sports garments at a bargain price, if they were to find an attractive design of style in any other showroom they are promised the same item from Fabletics at a reduced price.


Specialized Customer Service


Of course, intelligent showrooms are only part of their approach to shopping online. The Fabletics line of sportswear has also made a commitment to take special interest in their clients and convert them into friends and associates. This is accomplished by making fashion and fitness goals of the individual a point of interest from the company.


Those interested in making progress towards fitness can take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This is a short questionaire which will help the company understand their customer base better and introduces the member to a warm community of likeminded individuals.

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