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Karl Heideck’s Role In The Law Of Philadelphia

Karl Heideck is an experienced litigation, risk management review and compliance attorney based in the Philadelphia region of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. He is said to possess great skills in interrogation and negotiation. Furthermore, he is able to interpret the law, legal terminologies and court rulings in an outstanding manner. All of these did not just come out of the blues, Karl Heideck worked hard for these qualities and skills.

Karl Heideck attended the Swarthmore College and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2003. Karl furthered his education at the Temple University particularly at the School of Law in 2006. It was from there that Karl Heideck graduated in 2009 with a Juris Doctor. A year after graduation, Karl Heideck acquired his license to practice law. That marked his long journey to success in the field of Law.

Karl Heideck gained experience in the law industry by working for a wide range of firms in and around Philadelphia. The Pepper Hamilton LLP, is one of the firms Karl Heideck worked for. There he was a practice attorney. Furthermore, Karl Heideck also held an associate position at the Conrad O’Brien. At the beginning of his career, Karl Heideck gained expertise by filing complaints for clients and responding to the complaints. Karl did all this as he pursued the field of General Law in pre-trial, post-trial and personal jurisdiction venues. In 2015, Karl Heideck joined Hire Counsel and serves as a Contract Attorney. Legal Research and Writing, Corporate Law, Employment Law, Mediation and Intellectual Property law are also areas Mr. Karl works in.

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January 23, 2017, Mayor Jim Kenney, signed a new law prohibiting employers in Philadelphia from enquiring about their applicants’ salary history. This did not just happen smoothly as there were various obstacles encountered in the process. Specifically, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia brought up legal challenges against the law. Comcast Communications together with other firms were also against the law. They threatened to bring legal action against the city on the ground stating that it was against their First Amendment rights. Although at last the law was passed, it is unclear whether that marked the end of the long tussle. This is because the Chamber of commerce for Greater Philadelphia received leave from court to amend its complaint. All in all even if the Chamber fails to modify its complaint, some employers might not follow the law. Other employers might even find other ways of going around it.

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