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Kansas And Oklahoma Release Legislations Allowing Religious Agencies To Deny Adoption Rights

Kansas and Oklahoma based adoption agencies now have the power to be able to deny adoption rights to those parents belonging to same-sex marriages, as per the new legislation that was passed in these two cities. According to this, adoption agencies can enforce the ruling hat adoption can only be conducted when there are a mother and father at the home.

Even though the legislation has been passed within these two cities, the state governors are yet to approve the entire legislation. This means that the respective governors are still in power either to overturn this ruling or approve it, thereby changing the course of adoption laws within the states. Both states are being run by Republican representatives, which may dictate the course of action that they are willing to take. Mary Fallin, the governor of Oklahoma came forward in a press conference to state that she still wasn’t sure if she wanted to sign this new legislation or not.

Kansas city’s Jeff Colyer has admitted that he will be signing the bill at all costs. His view was that Catholic charities and adoption agencies play a vital role in the placement of children who otherwise have nowhere else to go. These agencies have proven to be incredibly benifical to society, and making sure that the children here have a loving and safe home to go to is always a top priority. Fallin, on the other hand, is on the fence as to whether or not this bill will actually benefit children in the adoption agencies, and the impact that same-sex parents have on adopted children.

Several other states in the country currently have laws which allow religious institutions to deny same-sex parents who want to adopt a child. These states include Michigan, North Dakota, Dakota, Texas, and Virginia.

This new legislation has further led to political conflict between the two parties. The Democratic Party believes that the new legislation is not benifical to the growth of the nation, and the Republican party, on the other hand, believes that the legislation would help give children a better upbringing.

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