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Jojo Hedaya And Josh Rosenwald Of Unroll.me


Jojo Hedaya is both the co-founder and the Executive CEO of Unroll.me alongside Josh Rosenwald. He was the vice president of his class at Boston College and met Rosenwald while studying abroad in Israel. Their Rabbi told them that they should both go hang out with each other because they were the only ones who had Blackberrys. Turns out that they were born on the exact same day of the exact same year, and from there a friendship was born.


Everyone in today’s modern world is tired of spam messages, and cannot wait to unsubscribe from them, yet we all hate having to scroll down to the bottom of emails and look for the tiny little ‘unsubscribe me’ button. With the founding of Unroll.me, Jojo Hedaya have found a way, together with his friend Josh Rosenwald, to more easily and simply manage all subscriptions right from your email inbox. Every day with Unroll.me, you get an email (delivered at any time) which scans your inbox for all subscription emails. With the click of a button, you can mass-unsubscribe all at once and be rid of the spam. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald have just been acquired recently by the app “Slice”, which similar in fashion to Unroll.me tracks all of your packages all in one place. Slice is owned by Japanese ‘Rakuten’, which for those who don’t know is the 14th largest internet company behind Amazon, JD, Neflix and the like.Slice, from Palo Alto, has so far managed $4 billion worth of packages across 175 million total units. Unroll.me is based in New York where the two are originally from.


But perhaps the most interesting part of this story is that Unroll.me was founded with absolutely no outside capital; it was bootstrapped by two college kids who were serious about not working for anyone else, despite the odds only being 5% in their favor.


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