A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

John Is Looking For A Family

John is a young boy who lives in Las Vegas and is looking for a family. He stated that he looks forward to having a family because it means a lot to him. He has also written about what his ideal family will look like. He stated that his ideal family has a brother, sister and dog.

John is currently living in a foster home, and he does not like it. He stated that living in a foster home is like waking up somewhere that you do not want to be. He has spent his entire life going from foster home to foster home. He is ready to have a permanent family who will love and care for him. John’s favorite activities are dancing and playing sports. He stated that he feels free and happy when he dances. John is also into science.

Adopting a child is not as easy as many people think it is. All John wants is a good home. He stated that he will be wearing his best clothes when he finds a family who wants to adopt him. John says that he will be wearing white pants, white shoes and white shirt.

The adoption agency asked John why people should adopt him. He stated that people should adopt him because he is an awesome child. If you want to find out more about John and how you can adopt him, then you can call 702-436-6335. You can also visit adoptex.org. You can find other children who are in need of a good home if you visit the website. Adoptex.org provides both adoption and post adoption services. They can also provide financial assistance.

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