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James River Capital Has Innovative Leadership Thanks To Founder Paul Saunders

Operating in just about any industry will require you to take on a leadership role at some point in time. If you want to succeed in your field, then you need to know how to handle your employees, handle yourself, and work with your team in order to accomplish major tasks. Today, we are going to talk a bit about the leadership advice that James River Capital’s founder Paul Saunders happens to live by. Paul Saunders has been leading James River Capital since 1986 and the company continues to make huge strides forward in the asset and advisory fields.


Being a leader means more than just telling your team what to do. Saunders and the crew at James River Capital know that their teams don’t work without leadership taking a prominent role at the front of their various investment projects. Leaders in these sorts of environments shouldn’t treat their projects like they are working with subordinates or herding cats. Instead, leaders should support their team and that one-word difference means just about everything to the entire team involved. Small changes can have massive and reverberating effects.


In order for a proper team to grow in a healthy way, leadership needs to be ready and willing to listen to potentially critical feedback from their employees. In most working environments, employees are hesitant to share any critical feedback regarding their work due to the fact that they are scared of potentially getting in some sort of trouble. Paul Saunders makes sure that James River Capital is on the right path by opening up the doors for feedback and making sure that everyone gets their voice heard. Open communication with true transparency is absolutely vital to the growth of any company, much less one working in such a competitive field with so much on the line.


Finally, a great leader will be able to open their ears to anyone who is in their team or attending their team meetings. Quality leaders like Paul Saunders like to keep a list of members attending meetings so that they can keep track of who offers the most advice or input. Using this list, leadership can also find out who isn’t offering up much advice and thus give these quieter members the opportunity to share some of their thoughts. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp


James River Capital is a prominent investment and advisory company. James River Capital specializes in commodity trading as well as investment management. Founded in 1986, James River Capital has grown their capital management to over $570 million in asset management.


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