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“James River Capital Corporation Principal, Paul Saunders on Burnouts. “

Paul Saunders founded the James River capital corporation in 1995. The independent corporation is an expert in managing hedge funds and commodity trading. Paul Saunders manages the corporation, it’s affiliated firms and the James River financial products portfolio. For Paul Saunders, alternative investment is a way into his long term interest in the financial management industry. He acquired his thirty years experience in the investment field from the many levels and positions he operated in. He was an investment banker, they moved to investment and trading which laid the foundation of his career. Outside of work, Paul Saunders is involved in a number of philanthropic actives like the Saunders family foundation among others.

With over twenty years in the business, Paul Saunders has learned a few tricks that have kept his team at the James River Capital Corporation at its optimal productivity. One thing he is an expert on is directing and mitigating burnout in the workforce. In the United States and other western countries, burnout is a perceive issue especially due to technologies like mobile phones. Nonetheless, it’s an issue that needs addressing because it can cause just as much damage as any other major challenge in the organization. Using the advice issued by Paul Saunders, one can ensure they are helping their taskforce to curb burnouts. The following are some of the ways a business can ensure healthy growth in the productivity of its team.

Ensure transparency in the business. Transparency and fairness during promotions and compensations in the business is an important way to reduce chances if a burnout. When employees start to detect unfairly or being the curtain transactions, the interest in their work starts to diminish which reduces the productivity rate. When one is not properly compensated for their work their productivity rate reduces and so does their loyalty.

Let your employees control their time. In as much as supervision and control in the business, unreasonable policies and abrupt changes in the way employees do their daily activities is a negative way to go about it. Letting you teamwork under minimal supervision and within a reasonable time plan is an effective way to curb burnouts in the business. According to Paul Saunders, when employees start to lose control over their schedules, they lose hope and become helpless.

If the above factors are not taken care of, employees start to lose confidence in their work and themselves. By losing confidence, employees are unable to do their jobs on time or even deliver quality work. To reduce these instances, check on your employees to ensure they are able to meet their personal goals, if not help them to set achievable goals and ensure they are achieved to boost their confidence.

Finally, Paul Saunders points that overall change in the attitude of the employees is an indicator of impending burnout. When all these factors and more are not taken care of in time, employees get moody, negative and easily irritable. Learn more: https://patch.com/virginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout


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