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Jacob Gottlieb Is Transforming Healthcare Investment Using Altium Capital

The industry of healthcare investment is undergoing tremendous changes. Jacob Gottlieb, known as the titan in healthcare investing has added Altium Capital to his repertoire of investment ventures.

Altium is not the first investment company funded by Jacob Gottlieb. He was also a founder of Visium Asset Management, which was a hedge fund giant up to 2016 but was forced to wind down following an insider trading scandal. He was also one of the founders of Balyasny Asset Management where he was popular for having the largest portfolio gains. Jacob Gottlieb holds an MD and a BA in Economics. He is also a Chartered Financial Analysts. Jacob Gottlieb experience in investment has fine-tuned his skills and instincts for the opportunities that the healthcare industry presents

Altium Capital is an investment fund whose focus is to invest in the opportunities that arise in the healthcare industry in New York City. Jacob Gottlieb is investing in companies that are committed to offering meaningful healthcare services. Armarin corporation, Oragenics as well as Oramed Pharmaceuticals are among the companies that Altium Capital is investing in.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals is a company that is operated in Jerusalem and is the developer of the insulin capsule that could replace the insulin injection. It is a breakthrough in the medical industry that could even lower the costs of treatment. Led by Jacob Gottlieb, Altium took a 5.61% stake in this pharmaceutical company because of its potential to change the treatment of diabetes patients

Jacob Gottlieb interest in investing in Amarin is because it is a company that is committed to developing medicine for cardiovascular conditions from polyunsaturated fatty acids. So far, the company has developed an omega-3 prescription that has been found effective.

Oragenics is the other Altium investment, which is a company focused on therapy. Jacob Gottlieb chose t to invest in their company because it is developing technologies and antibiotics that can treat infections and conditions that affect the throat, esophagus as well as the oral cavity.

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