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Itching for a Scratch in a Marriage

Married life is something that can leave people itching for a scratch. Many people go into a marriage blind. They had these great expectations of how they will always be happy and fond of one another. They assume that they will enjoy the company of their spouse from one day to the next.

What many young couples that have been overly eager to get married will discover is that this infatuation with one another is known as a honeymoon phase. Anyone can be delighted by another person that they do not live with everyday. Everything seems new and there are no real grievances about how the next person lives because you’re not married yet. Once you get married and start to live with a person that is when you become mindful of the way that they go about their day.

So many couples find themselves stuck in a rut of a marriage. They are experiencing what is often referred to as the seven year itch. It becomes an awkward time where you do not know if you even want to stay married. You have fantasies about leaving a marriage. These are the type of things that happen when couples do not take the time to work out their differences.

In order to avoid this itch a couple must take time to get to know one another and figure out the things that make them different. They should get together about things that they have common ground on, but they really do not know if they will be able to make it as a couple if they do not take time to work out the things that can make the marriage hard.

Therapy may be the answer for some, but sometimes it takes more than a therapist to cure the seven year itch. If there is a needy partner that is making it harder for you to have any free time you may want to consider spending some time apart. You do not have to be glued at the hip just because you are married.

A ton of people do this and they find themselves miserable because they cut all their friend connections. If you have cut all of your friendships because you got married you should reconsider.

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