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Industry Leader NexBank Also Shows Leadership in Community Service

No matter their line of work, industry leaders know that success is truly achieved when they are able to give back to their community. Companies like NeBbank take positive strides in the communities that they serve, in which their employees live.


Low-Income Mortgage Loans


Borrowers with low or moderate income are helped by NexBank through mortgage loans. In partnership with other organizations, NexBank creates loan programs specifically for lower-income families, which cover the costs of closing and titles. The program is currently expanding, and has so far helped approximately 900 low- to middle-income families in the Texas communities that NexBank serves.


Veteran Suuport


NexBank believes in saying thank you to America’s heroes. In NexBank’s Texas community, over 2200 veterans, members of the military, or either of their families have found opportunities to purchase a home or land through NexBank. The company’s low-interest loan programs allow these families a low-interest loan that requires little to no money down. NexBank also believes in donations and volunteerism to help our nation’s veterans.


Financial Literacy Programs


Students in low-income neighborhoods often do not have the tools to learn about financial literacy basics, nor do they have the skills and capabilities to make wise financial decisions as they move out of high school and beyond. NexBank has worked with 13 schools in the Dallas community to read students through an interactive computer program called MoneyWorks, which has so far reached over 2,400 students to teach them about financial literacy.


Many NexBank employees even spend their time at the schools in Dallas, teaching students the basics of financial education using FDIC’s financial educational curriculum, called Money Smart. These volunteers also work with students with career planning workshops, and with resume building and interview practice. The efforts of NexBank and its volunteer staff led to the company receiving the Financial Capability Innovation Award, based on its commitment to financial education initiatives.


Female Empowerment


The community of Dallas and surrounding neighborhoods are populated with many programs that focus solely on opportunities for females. NexBank works with these programs and organizations in the community to help women find better housing and childcare, along with providing opportunities for advancing education. These organizations seek to bring out the best leadership potential in local girls and women, and support their security in the economy.


Help for the Homeless


In many communities all over America, citizens struggle with homelessness. NexBank sponsors a local organization called Homebase for Housing, which is a local referral and information program for housing in the area. Through collaboration with other local agencies, Homebase for Housing creates an all-inclusive resource where community members can find references on housing assistance, utility and housing payments services, and other forms of support.


HIV/AIDS Counseling and Housing


Locals in the Texas communities currently living with HIV/AIDS can look to organizations, sponsored by NexBank, that provide a variety of specialized care services. These include affordable housing and leasing options, special counseling, and other means to improve these individuals’ quality of life.



NexBank is an example to other industry leaders of boosting its community up, through all of these programs and the general purpose of supporting the Dallas area’s economic development. The company of NexBank, and its employees, are in turn very grateful for the opportunities to make positive impacts on their local community.

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