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Hyland’s Teething Tablets Boosts the Dental Health of Children

There are questionable ingredients in many oral care products. Shoppers have started being wary of the risks associated with such oral care products. They have started rethinking their dental routine. However, products such as Hyland’s teething tablets are tested and up to standard to give consumers high level oral care. Here are a few things they should keep in mind about their options.

The downside and upside of fluoride

Fluoride has been recommended by ADA for proper dental hygiene. It has the ability to prevent oral decay through aiding the hardening of tooth enamel. It also fights bacteria and hence prevent cavity. Consequently, fluoride is contained in many oral care products.

On the down side, fluoride has been linked to carcinogenic activity as well as tumors. However, no solid evidence points towards that possibility. Some research have also linked the use of fluoride to bone fractures. Moreover, frequent usage of fluoride has been associated with fluorosis, muscle dysfunction, hormonal imbalance and more.

What to avoid

  1. Triclosan

Usually found in toothpaste as well as hand soap. Triclosan may come with a biological cost. It has been linked to the rise of hormonal imbalance as well as the rise in antibiotic resistance. Additional research has revealed that it promotes breast cancer cell growth and breast cancer tumors.

2. Saccharin and aspartame

Acting as artificial sweeteners, saccharin and aspartame are chemicals that can cause some health problems in some users.

3. Others

Added colors to oral care products have no health benefits. Instead, they are linked to developmental as well as learning problems and allergic reactions. Sodium lauryl sulfate is another chemicals in oral care products that are linked to growth of canker sores.

Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets: do they work?

The Hyland’s teething tablets helps to relief your baby from various pain issues including gum pain, teething as well as irritation. Apart from being safe and reliable, they are also easy to administer considering that they are tablets for babies.

The product has been manufactured by Hyland’s, one of the leading homeopathic companies that creates science-based, natural remedies for consumer health as well as wellness in North America. With over 100 years of experience, Hyland’s is a number one over the counter brand that has been passed down by families for generations. Therefore, Hyland’s teething tablets have been inspired by nature and many years of research to meet the needs of consumers of oral care products.

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