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Humanity and Energy Delivery- Stream Energy

Recently Streams Cares Foundation was launched by Stream Energy an energy firm based in Dallas. During the Hurricane Harvey, the energy organization largely participated in giving more than money to the victims who not only lost their homes, and properties but also their loved ones and family. Stream Energy was the first corporate group to give back their money earned from selling energy to the affected community as well as their affected customers in the region. Ever since the foundation of the energy group philanthropy has been part of their core activities, Stream Cares Foundation will continue their humanitarian activities across the United States as well as Texas region.

During the Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy showed itself as the best example to other corporate firms in the United States of America as well as building their brand name. It is a new process when an organization goes ahead to launch a separate foundation for their charity activities. It does not assist the community, but it is an added advantage to the company. The firm largely benefits when it comes to dealing with hard times among them scandals, as well as profit falling. In the United States, the corporate sector comes in handy during a disaster, and fro Stream company it has built a strong relationship with other humanitarian organizations including the Red Cross, the Habitat Humanity, their employees as well as other corporate firms to help the society at the grassroots.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and since then the organization has experienced a tremendous expansion. The firm started by selling their energy products through word of mouth and within a short period, it had expanded their portfolio to other regions among them Washington D.C, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, as well as Illinois. Stream Energy has been working with their associates to not only realize the organization’s goals but also to better the lives of their affiliates as well as the community. The firm later expanded its services and began to offer protective, and home services as well as wireless services. Apart from Stream Cares Foundation, the energy firm has partnered with other organizations to help the community including Operation Once in a Lifetime to Dallas based Veterans together with their families as well as American Girl Doll Experience.


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