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How Ted Bauman has Redefined Financial Writing

Ted Bauman is one of the few business executives that believe in financial freedom — through sustainable investments. Bauman approach to investment is unique since his focus is on natural gas, minerals, and oil — these niches are under-invested and have low investment risks. He is fortunate to have unmatched experience in these niches. Bauman has active interests in these niches, and he has an academic background on natural resources. These qualifications make him one of the most qualified professionals in advising people — on how to invest and when to invest. Also, he has been to many countries, and his traveling experiences have been instrumental in reshaping his perception of the industry.

In the last six years, Ted Bauman has also been an active writer — on business-related topics. One of his favorite topics is investments. ‘The Bauman Letter’ one of the pieces he is passionate about, is one of the most trusted pieces in on the financial circles. In less than a decade, Bauman has successfully created a loyal fan base — who apart from leading his pieces religiously have benefited from his pieces of advice. Ted Bauman believes that this organic following is an indication that his work and researches are relatable and they are objective. In addition to being one of the most relatable columnists, Bauman believes that he has the obligation of telling his readers the truth. In addition to writing his column, he is part of the editing team that ensures Banyan Hill Publishing continues to be objective and home to financial truths.

Apart from being part of financial writing, he believes that he must practice what he writes. Ted Bauman is, therefore, one of the most practical investors in the fast-growing natural resources market. Apart from supplementing his writing income, Bauman believes that investing in the above niches is also a chance for him to learn more. Although his work involves studying concepts and trends — from a third party perspective — Bauman believes having an active investment offers unmatched lessons. These two approaches give his works authenticity, and more importantly, they are his greatest possession in the world of investment. Finally, Ted Bauman believes that consistency in his writing and his approach to investments are critical — both as an investor and as a financial pundit.

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