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How Stephen Hicks Made Southridge Capital Successful

With all that running a business entails even the most successful business people need guidance sometimes. If a businessperson wants to take their company public or if they are struggling to maintain a healthy ratio of debts to valuation(Balance Sheet Optimization)than that businessperson can turn to Southridge Capital for help. A financial services company Southridge has invested in 250 companies with the total of those investments equaling $1.8 billion. Southridge Capital’s catalog of services is more comprehensive than the two services already mentioned.


Southridge Capital not only handles Mergers and Acquisitions they help the customer find the right merger partner. The staff at Southridge has the skills to resolve legal issues and save the client money in the process. Helping companies survive bankruptcy, financial analysis, and restructuring round out Southridge’s list of advisory services. The Southridge Capital team doesn’t rely on cookie-cutter solutions. Their ideas may defy convention, but they yield a positive outcome for the client.


Twenty-two years ago, Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital and still serves as the company’s CEO and principal partner. Prior to Southridge Stephen worked for a hedge fund that was shutting down. In a year he would be out of a job so Stephen began laying the groundwork for the company that would become Southridge Capital. Stephen Hicks’ educational background includes a BS in Business Administration from King’s College and an MBA from Fordham University. His work history consists of three decades in the investment industry. Stephen’s business philosophy is, “Do less deals and focus on cash instead of return.”


Stephen Hicks starts his day by reviewing Southridge’s holdings. He then sets the day’s goals for himself and his staff. What’s left of the day Stephen devotes to tending to existing holdings and finding new investment opportunities for Southridge. To find those opportunities Southridge doesn’t depend entirely on its Wall Street connections to point out companies that could benefit from their services. Southridge Capital also seeks out such companies on their own. Stephen Hicks is a stronger believer in the potential of cryptocurrency listing it among current trends that excite him. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.


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