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How Roberto Santiago Changed the Culture for Brazilian Shopping Outlets

Roberto Santiago is doing an amazing thing when it comes to changing how people shop in Brazil. He has cultivated the landscape of commercial real estate in Latin America by creating a mega mall that takes care of a plethora of needs that consumers may have. People that come to visit Latin America will get a chance to see multiple real estate environments that Roberto Santiago has created, but the Manaira Mall may be his best achievement today. He started this mall in 1989, and it has continued to grow and thrive as one of the most profitable shopping outlets in Brazil.


It is difficult for anyone that may be touring Brazil to get around an entire area in a couple of days. Most people to come to visit are not there for extended period. That means that they try to get as much done in a short time frame as they can. This is where Roberto Santiago and his mega mall is needed. When people have access to an environment where they can get a lot of things done quickly this makes it so much more convenient.


This is the mega mall that people are talking about on social media. It is the mega mall that has become well-known in Brazil because it is one of the few that has as many shops and entertainment outlets. In fact, there are few malls in the entire world that have a concert hall, conference room, bowling alley, movie theater, and a food court all nestled away with an assortment of different shopping options.


Roberto Santiago has done something great by creating a mall environment that allows people to get the best possible shopping experience. Roberto Santiago has studied what consumers are interested in. He has put time into actually getting the consumers in a place where they can get all of their needs taken care of and also entertain themselves without leaving the premises. This is what makes this mall so enjoyable. People that come here will be able to spend a whole day here and not get bored.


This type of mall attracts lots of different groups. Parents may come here with your kids. Couples that are on a date may come here as well. Friends may hang out in this gigantic mall. It has something for everyone, and this is what makes it profitable to Brazil’s economy.


It has been so profitable for Brazil that Roberto Santiago has gone on to create similar environments and other places inside of Latin America. He has been praised greatly for his desire to help shoppers maximize their time and get many things done all inside of one huge shopping extravaganza with Brazil.


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