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How Marc Beer is Improving Women’s Health

Marc Beer, the previous CEO for Aegerion is onto new horizons. Raising money for his next startup for women’s health is keeping him busy these days. The new venture for Marc Beer, Renovia Inc., is now growing at break-neck speed. He has been busy raising capital for this new healthcare focused company.


The overall mission of Renovia Inc. is to improve the research, diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Upon the closing of more than $32 million in Round B of fundraising, the company also acquired around $10 million in venture debt.


The company is based in Boston, and is working on the development of diagnostic tools for some of the most common pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence. Based on recent statistics and research, more than 200 million women around the world have been affected by urinary incontinence.


While many women are left feeling frustrated and out of options, Renovia received approval from the FDA for their first product, Leva. The product was approved in April, and more funding was produced to support the production and trials using Leva for patients with pelvic floor disorders.


One of the funds that Marc Beer has come to know and appreciate is the Longwood Fund. This fund was formed for the sole purpose of focusing on healthcare. The overall goal for them is to raise capital for the development and testing of more therapeutic and diagnostic tools. Over time, it is possible through more development that Leva will continue to improve.


One thing that Marc Beer is most excited by is the support that Renovia has received from healthcare focused investors. Women’s health is a huge marketplace, and it continues to evolve each year. The long-term vision for Renovia is to diagnose these pelvic floor disorders faster, and provide the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient.


Thankfully, as technology continues to evolve, it also plays a role in what Marc Beer has in store for Renovia Inc., and the women who will benefit from it in the future. The most recent advancement is the sensor technology. This is because healthcare is utilizing more of a digital platform.


With a digital platform, data from research that has already been completed will be on file, helping doctors make better decisions. Additionally, the hope is that this technology and the ability to diagnose quicker and treat better will lower the cost of healthcare for women.


Marc Beer has been involved in various leadership positions throughout his career. After leaving Aegerion in 2015, he was drawing up plans for Renovia Inc. He continues to raise capital for more research and development for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


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