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How GreenSky Increases Its Profits Yearly

Ever since it was co-founded back in 2006 by David Zalik, GreenSky has been increasing their profits every year. Mr. Zalik’s mathematical abilities allowed the company to raise capital from several private companies in order to provide funding to homeowners who wanted to make improvements to their homes. They were able to fund these loans at lower interest rates than most banks which made them become more popular as a source for loans with homeowners.

GreenSky is a publicly traded company and their stock prices have been on the rise since they went public. They have been rated by Forbes as one of the best up and coming companies in the financial industry. They currently work with many banks who are willing to give loans to homeowners using Greensky’s backing. Since their entry on the stock market, they have expanded their lending department to include many other areas.

They will now grant funding for healthcare to people choosing to have elective surgeries. GreenSky has also provided funds for solar energy projects to homeowners. Another area that is of interest to the company is to grant loans for big ticket furniture and appliance purchases. This area has not yet come into fruition, however, they are actively seeking information from banking institutes on this.

The process by which a homeowner can obtain a loan for home improvements is relatively easy and it is applied for through the contractor who will be doing the work. Once the contractor has been verified by GreenSky, they will be able to obtain the monies needed within a twenty four hour period. Contractors are promoting this to their clients in record numbers because funding is obtained so quickly. Projects can be started much sooner than going through a traditional lender.

GreenSky sees no slow down in the number of loans they will be obtaining for their customers in the near future. They continue to seek out the best funding for their clients at the best terms possible. The application process is done through their online software application and is very quick and easy to complete. Most people will get an answer within a few hours.



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