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How Fabletics has successfully taken over the Athleisure Wear Industry

Fabletics is a U.S-based company that is renowned for the outstanding athleisure wear that it retails. The brand was established in 2013 and has attracted more the one million loyal clients. It has secured a niche in e-commerce sector and is currently competing with industry giants such as Amazon and Athleta. The total income that the firm has earned in the past four years has accumulated to approximately $235 million. TechStyle’s marketing expert believes that the profitability of the company can be attributed to its dedication to giving clients customized products that match their taste. The administrators of the athleisure wear firm have capitalized on the remarks that they receive from consumer to develop products that can match the needs of the market. Most people often use the internet, and therefore, they search for reviews of products before deciding to acquire them. The public trusts consumer reviews since they provide true information about a commodity.


A large number of brands that have attained success in their respective industries have a section that allows clients to post their reviews on their websites. The opinions of the customers offer the company a competitive advantage since they inform other consumers about the true quality its commodities. The comments also allow businesses to know their mistakes and correct them. Firms that receive positive remarks from users of their products have a high customer loyalty ratio. The revenue of a business is also significantly affected by the way consumers perceive its products. Brands that get excellent remarks from their clients have good Google rating, and therefore, they are shown on the website’s first page when searched. An individual’s preference for a product is greatly influenced by its online ratings.


The outstanding customer care of Fabletics has enabled it to retain more than 85 percent of its consumers. It gets a large number of clients through referrals from people who have ever used its products. Customers control the profitability of a business, and therefore, brands that have developed healthy relationships with them are likely to experience tremendous growth. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of users on review websites. This shows that people always want to know about different products before they acquire them. Fabletics utilizes the opinions of its customers to improve the quality of athleisure wear that it provides.


Kate Hudson has played a great role in the administration of Fabletics. As the face of the company, she has been making sure that all the products meet the standards that are required in the market. Hudson has also assisted in developing excellent marketing strategies that boost the brand. She uploads short videos on social media and the firm’s website to inform consumers about the trendy athleisure wear that it offers. The businesswoman has also been assisting designers in generating ideas that enable them to customize products for their clients. Fabletics’ e-commerce venture has been successful, and it serves more than one million customers. It has also opened brick and mortar stores to help in increasing its sales.

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