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How Does Kisling, Nestico & Redick Give Back To The Community?

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a law firm in the Akron, and they have long committed themselves to the community. They are looking for ways to help, and they often find the most unique ways to serve the community. The firm has been working on fundraising challenges, serving schools, and trying to raise money as much as they can. There are many people who benefit from this firm does, and they will discover that this firm has many joyful employees who will help when called.

The firm was happy to be a part of the ice challenge at Portage Lake. They were able to ride out and dive in as a part of a charity effort. They made the news for being this committed to the community, and they were asked to do many other community events because they are seen as the best allies in the area.

KNR has been very good about helping the community grow, and they have done many community events at schools where they are giving to kids who are most in need. The kids that are receiving these packages are getting clothes, school supplies, and food that they need. These kids are happy to see the KNR team, and they have done many events where they try to reach out the community so that they can get every needy kid the help that they need. The law firm is very good about finding the places where they can offer the most help, and they send staff to all these events so that there is always someone who can help these kids.

The best part of this company is that they are constantly trying to find new ways to serve the community. They want to go to new schools, give these kids the support that they need, and provide these kids with experiences that they could not have gotten anywhere else. This is something that the company has always been committed to doing because they know that these kids could grow up to be partners one day. Checkout more of the KNR community involvement by following their Instagram!

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