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How Did The Larkin And Lacey Frontera Fund Get Going?

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund started because two men were willing to put their egos aside to help people. They have a deep belief that the things they do matter to others, and this article explains how the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has grown because these two men want to help people who are in Arizona. There are many people who come to America as migrant workers or immigrants, and they simply need a place that will be safe and welcome them. Arizona is not known for being tolerant, and these two men hope to change that.


#1: The Frontera Fund’s Beginning


The Frontera Fund started because Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey where falsely arrested by a conservative sheriff for reporting on things he did. He broke their freedom of the press, and they sued in open court. The award they received went directly to starting the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. They wanted to ensure that all the people who are coming to America are given many options to ensure that they are safely living in this country.


#2: Legal Help


There is quite a lot of legal help needed by people who come through the southwest because they could be abused or harassed at any time. The police do not have a good reputation for treating people of color well, and the Frontera Fund will send legal advisors or lawyers to anyone who has been confronted with a police situation. There may be brutality or false arrest at play, and these people will be given all the help they need to ensure that they will not be harmed by the system.


#3: Advocating For Immigrants


The Frontera Fund wishes to educate as many people as possible on the plight of immigrants, and they want to show that migrant workers and their families rely on jobs in America to survive. They are doing something that many American workers will not do, and they hope to ensure that all the immigrants they see are given better treatment. The Frontera Fund is an advocate for people who have no voice, and it helps them recover from mistreatment that may have occurred.


#4: Serving All Of Arizona


Michael and Jim have been in Arizona for some time, and they want to see the state become a better place for people to live and work. They are afraid that their state has become too intolerant, and they wanted to do something about that. It is difficult for someone to have a good life if they come to an America that does not welcome them, and they will find that this state offers one of the best support charities possible.


Michael and Jim have dedicated their life’s work to ensuring that all people are given a fair shake. They want to show the people of Arizona that immigrants and migrant workers are good people, and they want to prevent the corruption and abuse that has occurred under conservative police forces and sheriffs.

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