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Harts Received Over Quarter Of A Million Dollar From Texas To Support Adopted Children

Documents show that six children that lost their life due to a car crash in Northern California were all adoptees from the Greater Houston area.

Jennifer Jean Hart and her partner, Sarah Hart, lived in Minnesota when they adopted six children that had been in Texas Foster Care. The San Antonio Express has reported that the Harts $270,000 worth of subsidies from the state of Texas during the last decade.

About two weeks ago the six children adopted by the Harts were killed along with the couple when the SUV they were riding in went over a cliff in Mendocino County, California and fell 100 feet. Law enforcement officials that are familiar with the case are expressing uncertainty as to whether or not the crash was accidental. Three of the children’s bodies have yet to be found.

The family was traveling to California from the state of Washington where they now live following terms of residence in both Minnesota and Oregon. Official reports state that both Jennifer and Sarah Hart have faced past allegations of child abuse.

Another incident that questions the home environment provided by the Harts is a contact with police by a daughter who said that she had been spanked and her head was held under water in a bathtub. 2011 court documents show that Sarah Hart pled guilty to the offense.

As investigators work feverishly to untangle the events that led up to the fatal crash it has become evident that the family child welfare workers had been in contact with the family for 10 years due to physical and emotional abuse that was alleged to be taking place in the home.

The mounting evidence of an ongoing pattern of abuse taking place in the Hart household, no official agency ever took any action that proved able to stop the abuse. The Hart’s seem to have benefitted by the fact not much communication exists between agencies for different states as well as the lack of an existing national registry that can track child victims of abuse that are moved to other states.

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