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GreenSky- Bluegrass Roots And Unique Sounds

The group GreenSky has been together for more than ten years. They pride themselves in creating their own unique version of bluegrass music. They accomplish this by mixing together rock & roll spirit and the acoustic stomp and beats of a string band. They have recently completed their sixth album and are headed out on tour.

They formed their band in 2000 by playing at open mic nights and in living rooms across the country’s Midwest. By 2005, they were already booking national tours. The group currently plays at least 175 shows each year and has had the opportunity to headline at some of the most iconic venues for country music, including playing at the great Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Greensky Bluegrass Announced New Fall Tour For 2018

The group has announced their plans for a fall tour this year. It will include venues from coast to coast. It is a five-piece tour which includes stops in New Jersey, Missouri, the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison and more.

Darker Sense To Greensky’s Song Mix

The band admits that most of their music has a darker sense than most acoustic bands. They love to explore different sounds and textures with their music while still having a base of bluegrass instrumentation. They don’t explicitly follow the rules of any type of genre. The group is made up of five guys. The group includes Anders Beck on dobro, Dave Bruzza on the guitar, Michael Arlen Bont on the banjo, Paul Hoffman on the mandolin and Mike Devol on the upright bass.

Greensky Bluegrass At Red Rocks Amphitheater

During their fall tour, the group played at the beloved Red Rocks theater. It was a sold-out event that came on the heels of an intimate party at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. Throughout the evening, the band had fun bringing up a few happy concert attendees. They also added some Grateful Dead and Phish teasers in their line-up of high-intensity bluegrass jamming. They began their show by opening with “Past My Prime.” They took their sweet time with the intro to get the crowd entranced before Paul Hoffman exploded with his smooth and silky vocals.


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