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Gooee Lighting The Path For LED

Imagine entering your home after coming home from work. You unlock your door and step inside. Instead of reaching around to flip the light switch. The lights are already aware of your presence and have turned on. Not only did they turn on, the sensors in the LED arrays have measured the ambient light, color, and temperature in the room.

The responsiveness of these intelligent LED lighting systems improves, even more, when you add a wearable device to the network. Your phone, your watch, whatever device you have on you will be able to communicate with intelligent lighting systems when in proximity. For example, if you were at the mall it would be possible for stores with intelligent lighting to detect your presence and display ads based your interests and demographics.

Gooee is leading the way in intelligent lighting systems. From the cloud, it’s then simple for information to be shared and analyzed to improve the user experience.

Gooee’s platform goes beyond mere lighting, it’s an IoT Lighting Ecosystem that allows for human engagement, environmental intelligence, and product tracking.

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  • They have developed a two-in-one sensor that gives lighting companies the ability to create systems that sense and communicate with a cloud-based platform. I have to know what rush my papers is up to and I have these in common with them.

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