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GoBuyside And Recruitment Challenges

There is an ongoing movement within the investment management field of work to improve upon the current recruitment process. It has become extremely challenging to find specialized talent for this field, and many executives feel that the lack of talent that they have seen come through their company in recent years could pose a threat to the overall growth of investment management. With CEOs and other professionals feeling a great lack of confidence for their field of work and business growth it has become important to recruitment agencies to change how they function. One recruitment firm that utilizes some cutting edge processes to find talent and hire talent is GoBuyside. GoBuyside has taken on some of the common challenges that are affecting the ability find and hire talent.

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Competition is a concern in the investment management field. The best talent in a given area is likely being contacted by many different companies and recruitment agencies each month. Upon the first contact there needs to be something that interests a person so they focus solely on your proposal to meet and interview. Network difficulties are also a big concern. The internet has evolved quite a bit. Social media is no longer an effective way to find talent and stay in contact with people. There are new internet techniques that can help with networking.

This is an industry that relies on growth in order to keep up with competition and to succeed. The leadership team in each business should not have to focus all of their time on brainstorming how to find talent. This is where recruitment agencies come in. They have a keen understanding of the current challenges in a certain industry. Companies like GoBuyside have developed techniques for seeking out the best talent and hiring them. It is then up to each company to retain talent.

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