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GoBuyside and Network Recruitment Challenges

When it comes to recruiting new talent in the field of investment management, it can be very hard to find successful ways of networking. The process of finding good talent, interviewing them, offering a position and then retaining that talent has become very complex. It is an ongoing process to try and improve this process. Without some form of change, the field of investment management might change drastically. CEOs and other high-ups are very worried about the future. GuBuyside is a company that is attempting to take networking and recruiting to the next level. They have developed some cutting-edge techniques that are designed to find talent and hire that talent. Their business process has been created as a result of these current challenges and trends. Read this article at GoBuyside News.

Competition is always a big part of the investment management field. As the top performers are recruited by other companies, it can be tiring to find comparable talent. It can take a lot of effort and resources to match what other companies are offering. With the use of social media changing, that has no longer provided successful recruitment techniques and potential. Luckily, new internet techniques are being tried by a number of recruitment agencies in order to generate new business. Facebook is no longer a successful method. Sites like LinkedIn are still being used, but they no longer provide the type of contacts needed. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

Leadership teams have much more important business to tend to than worrying about finding talent. This is where a successful recruitment agency can come into play. A company such as GoBuyside will eliminate the need for allotting in-house resources the job of finding personnel. It can be very time consuming to network, interview, form contacts, provide offers and follow up throughout this entire process. Recruitment agencies understand the current challenges in the field.

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