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Gerogia legislature hopes to change adoption code this session

Chip and Tricia Barber wanted to have a child for a long time. The Georgia couple eventually decided to adopt after many years of trying and failing to have a children. They could have adopted a child within the state, but they did not even consider looking within their home state. Georgia has a 10-day revocation period after birth. If the birth mother puts her child up for adoption, she has 10 days in which to change her mind. This revocation period is one of the longest in the country.

The state’s legislature hopes to change the flaws in the adoption code. Members of the legislature attempted to bring the bill up during their last session. They almost voted on the bill, but some staffers added last-minute language that permitted discrimination against same-sex couples on religious grounds. The improved changes to the adoption code might have passed without the language, but the legislators chose to let the bill die quietly in a midnight session.

The Barbers believe that their adopted daughter is a blessing in their lives, but they have not forgotten that there are many children in Georgia in need of parents to adopt them. The couple hopes that the state congressmen deliver on their promise to make changes to the state’s adoption code a legislative priority. Georgia’s adoption law last saw changes in the 1990s, and the almost thirty-year old code discourages many people from considering adopting children from Georgia. House Speaker David Ralston wants to see this change as well. The Republican representative from Blue Ridge believes that it is important that all children in the state have a supportive, loving home, according to Fox 5.

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