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Gareth Henry, the Innovative and Forward Looking Person

Gareth Henry’s lengthy career is admirable, and his degree of humility is unmatched. Henry is an indispensable asset in the financial industry and has a front-row seat in its growth. He is a math geek who is passionate about work and believes in hard work and relationship building. What makes Henry a rarity is that he mergers different disciplines and experiences and has a passion for understanding his customers. His education has helped him comprehend the complicated math behind investments while his wealth of experience has served him well in navigating and building a successful career in the alternative assets sector. In addition, unlike most mathematics students, he had a meaningful talk with colleagues, clients, and strangers on investments. Importantly, Henry is not afraid of feedback; he seeks input from peers, team members, mentors, and clients.

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Gareth Henry graduated with a degree in actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh Scotland in 2001 that propelled his career. He combined the mathematical knowledge and financial understanding gained in college with a passion for customer service to climb the professional ladder. Henry has transversed the world of hedge funds and private equity to become the Head of Investor Relations and Global Head of IR at Fortress Investment Group. The position required bringing in new investment dollars, communicating with existing investors, and managing the folks who are investing. To achieve superior results as a manager, Henry stays ahead of the curve and picks winning investments from a pool of choices. He keeps his ear close to the ground and stays informed of the latest trends on private credit investing. Currently, Gareth Henry is the Global Head of Investor Relations for an array of large US-based Alternative Investment Management.

Gareth Henry believes that activity creates opportunity. He contends that it is not important how slow you go as long as you do not stop. In some instances, going a bit slower is the best option. Henry advises that you should be in constant activity to crack the world of private equity and hedge funds. You have to capitalize on opportunities and be attentive to details. Henry is indeed an innovative and forward-looking person. Read more on https://interview.net/gareth-henry/

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