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Florida Adopts Online Dating Technology to Connect Foster Kids with New Families

Family-Match is a Florida-based adoption service that specializes in connecting older “harder-to-adopt” children with prospective pre-screened foster parents. What differentiates this adoption service from the litany of others is their integration of cutting edge social compatibility technology used in online dating to help the State’s more than 800 children in foster care.

This innovative system of adoption utilizes a combination of sophisticated algorithms, social psychology and artificial intelligence that emphasizes compatibility, not availability. Family-Match’s lead developer, Gian Gonzaga, former head of research and development at the popular online dating company e-Harmony, brought his expertise of data science and matching systems to Family-Match and applied it to connecting foster children with potential parents.

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Family-Match works by having prospective foster parents fill out detailed questionnaires about interests, parenting style and personality. Foster kids, along with case or social workers, fill out similar questionnaires and are matched based on a series of highly advanced computer calculations.

The system focuses on children ages 4 to 17 years old since most foster parents prefer adopting babies and younger children. Research shows that children that ”age out” of foster care, by turning 18 years old without being adopted, are at an particularly high risk of becoming homeless.

Another advantage of this recently launched adoption program is it is able to merge databases of all the foster children in Florida, along with all the State’s potential foster parents, increasing the likelihood of a positive match. In the past, hopeful parents were basically limited to a pool of foster children in their own local communities.

The Selfless Love Foundation and Adoption-Share are the two non-profit organizations backing Family-Match. The Selfless Love Foundation includes major contributions from professional racecar driver Ed Brown as well as CEO and founder of Patron Tequila, John Paul DeJoria and his wife Ashley, who was herself adopted as a child.

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