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Explaining The Adoption Process

Family Adopts Two Kids In Four Years

Many people think long and hard about adoption before they decide to go through it. Some couples decide to adopt after they battled infertility for years. Others choose to adopt because they realize that there are many children in foster care who need a good home.

Brad and Annie Donahue always knew that they wanted to adopt a child. They started dating while they were in college. They wanted to adopt because they were saddened by the fact that so many children did not have a family. They believed that if they wanted to have a family, then they should adopt.

Adoption has become commonplace in recent decades. North Carolina has a law that says birth parents have seven days to change their mind after they give up their children. Most children will spend at least a week in foster care before they are placed with a family.

The couple knew that they wanted to start adopting as soon they got married. They reached out to Christian Adoption Services. The agency had a rule that you have to be married for at least one year before you adopted. The couple had a biological child before they adopted.

When the couple’s son was a year-old, they went back to the adoption agency. The couple found a baby girl in Charlotte who needed a home. The baby girl had a disability. The couple did not plan to adopt a child with a disability.

The couple went on to have another child biologically and adopt another one. They now have a total of four children. Both of the couple’s adopted children still have contact with their birth parents. The youngest child visits their family frequently and even has overnight visits. The eldest child has fewer visits.

Brad stated that she hopes that adoption will become more accepted. She also stated that she hopes that birth families and adoptive families will have better relationships with each other.

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