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Explaining The Adoption Process

Exposing the Stigmas and Adoption Myths

November holds a holiday that most don’t celebrate. National Adoption Day is an occasion set aside to remember all the families who were brought together by love not birth. Adoption can be a beautiful thing. Bringing a child into your home and loving them with your whole heart is something that many desire to do. Domestic adoptions are surrounded by myths and lies that make many prospective families look the other way. Natalie Brumfield, a mother of three adoptive kids, wants to set the record straight about adoption.

Many people feel that they can’t love an adopted child as much as they would a biological one. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. People need to have realistic expectations with adoption. Not every child is going to bond with a family, and that can be true of an adoptive or biological child. With adoption, there is a bit more choice. However, the love between a child and their caretaker can happen very quickly. The nurturing and attending to that child and helping them heal their wounds can bring about an incredible bond.

The second myth that most people talk about is that it’s easier to abort the baby rather than giving it up for adoption. Many people are against abortion because it’s taking the life of a child. Adoption gives a child the chance to live. Birth mothers can select the family that adopts their child in some cases. Not every store is about child and family services coming in and taking the child and taking away the mother’s rights. In many instances, the mother has a choice.

Lastly, people feel that adoption is too expensive. If you are considering international adoption, it can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. However, adopting through a local state agency is much different. They will pay for all the home studies, physicals, and any other necessary paperwork to get the process through the courts. Many states will also pay the legal fees for an attorney during the process. In short, the total for a domestic adoption can be anywhere from $200-$8,000 with the state’s assistance.

As the country celebrates another National Adoption Day, those who are interested in adopting a child should realize that there are options available. Everyone wants a baby these days, but even with state assisted cases, getting a newborn is still a possibility.

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