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Everything Old Is Renewed with Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a prominent real estate company that is founded by While many developers look to high rent areas to begin development plans, Boraie saw the Brunswick, New Jersey community with promise. Omar Boraie born in Egypt and arrived in the U.S. 40 years ago where he earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. Today, Omar Boraie is one of New Jerseys leading businessmen, philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur.

Under the leadership of Omar Boraie, the real estate company Boraie Development has changed the low to median -income scenery of New Brunswick into an urban oasis. Omar Boraie in a short period of time has erected affordable community houses, luxury apartments, and many modern commercial and residential buildings. Omar Boraie has also extended his building projects into nearby Newark and Atlantic City, New Jersey which involves establishing or restoring multi-tiered retail centers and unique restaurants. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

According to WSJ, one of his popular New Brunswick projects from the summer and which will be an annual event is the Free Summer Movies Series co-partnered with The Provident Bank Foundation. Boraie Development restored an aging, yet historic theater, placing a state-of-the-art digital project system inside its six-large theater surround sound film screens. It is large enough to place over 1800 seats in both a balcony and mezzanine environment, and featuring a comfortable large lounging area.

Mr. Boraie reported that he has plans to feature year-round family-fun activities and events in themed events he calls the Community Access Initiative. Both the movie entertainment and future events to be staged at the State Theater will be free to the public. Omar Boraie serves on the State Theater’s Board of Trustees. Omar has an older son Wasseem who works on building projects with his father and who is the Vice President of Boraie Development. Omar has another son and a daughter who also play key roles in the real estate company, as well as sharing in Omar’s goals and visions. You can search him on Yahoo to know more.

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