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Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight Afainst Cancer

Cancer has become a gnawing issue in the modern society. We have watched our loved ones suffer in the cruel hands of this killer disease. All we do is watch from a distance while they go through the excruciating pain. Despite the fact that no cure has been discovered yet, researchers have come up with unique treatment and therapies that help manage the cancer menace. Besides, the advancement in technology has made it possible to diagnose the ailment in its early stages, and this has enhanced the outcome of the treatment.

Concept of Prior Cancer

Cancer develops in stages. Luckily, spotting the disease even in its earliest stage has become possible in the contemporary technological world. For this reason, the number of cancer survivors has increased significantly. According to the SEER, a considerable population of the American people has had a history of prior cancer. Unfortunately, these cancer survivors are not included in clinical trials meant to improve the development of advanced treatment procedures.

Prior cancer is a concept that is yet to be fully understood even by cancer researchers. However, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the impact on these survivors to come up with an appropriate intervention. Cancer clinical trials would certainly yield utterly different results when conducted on persons with no cancer history and those with prior cancer. Therefore, scientists are often cautious when conducting these trials and avoid any cases of prior cancer because they risk interrupting their treatment plan and also the outcomes of the trial.

Lefkofsky’s Cancer Plan

Amid this cancer confusion, Eric Lefkofsky took note of the under-investment in cancer treatments and decided to venture into this sector by establishing Tempus. Tempus is a health-tech company that makes use of an effective operating system to treat breast cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Eric is a Co-founder and also the CEO of the reputable medical firm. He has aligned his mission with leading medical professionals to analyze cancer patients and come up with personalized treatment by utilizing genomic sequencing and analysis. Lefkofsky has greatly invested and donated toward many cancer causes. He has a strong conviction that his firm will soon make tangible development against this killer disease.

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