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Edwin Miranda on the Ball

Born in the El Salvadorian city of Zacatecoluca in 1981, Edwin Miranda showed an interest in soccer from an early age. Excelling at the sport, he played in college all four years while attending Cal State-Northridge located in Los Angeles, California. His family moved to Los Angeles while Miranda was young and continued to live there while he pursued his talent and education. The six foot player was perfect for the midfielder position, where he was a standout. While attending Cal State-Northridge he was named Defender of the Year of the Big West Conference twice.

After graduating, Edwin Miranda began his professional career with the Dallas Burn team in 2004, drafted in the sixth round of the MLS Super Draft. In 2006, Miranda found his place with the Puerto Rico Islanders where he went onto earn the USL First Division Commissioner’s Cup in 2008 alongside the team and was part of the USSF Division 2 Pro League Champions in 2010. Miranda played 25 games with the Islanders before parting ways in 2009. Miranda then joined the USL First Division team Miami FC before returning to the Puerto Rico Islanders in 2010. Throughout his career, Miranda joined several notable teams such as his hometown Los Angeles Blues and Los Angeles Misioneros before retiring from soccer officially in 2014.

As a native El Salvadorian, Miranda was eligible to join the El Salvador national football team and received the honor in 2008. He received playing time as part of the national team in 2009, going up against the Belize national team as part of the UNCAF Nation’s Cup match.

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