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Edward Miranda Changing The Marketing Industry

Edwin Miranda is a true born CEO dedicated to the success of his company. Earlier in his career, he established a performance driven marketing company called KOI IXS. They compete at the very top with other marketing companies and are proving themselves a true competitor. His idea of marketing is to make sure that large brands gain better traction and increase customer base. Leading a team of creatives and designers, he has used marketing theology to produce proud works. Edwin Miranda lives a highly efficient life, waking up by 5:30 am to vie messages from his clients and others. He performs routine exercises, then his duties as father and husband. Around 7am he conducts his daily office meetings and starts his day.

Edwin Miranda started the company when he was 21 and it still thrives till this day. His passion for bringing ideas to life led to his success. Now, predictive marketing excites him the most because it’s becoming harder to predict customer base over time through result driven marketing. A message to his younger self will be to be bold and expressive, make mistakes and learn from them. He maintains that another vital part of his success is waking up early, using a to-do-list to monitor his progress over short and long terms. ‘Fantastical 2’ is one of the apps Edwin Miranda uses to stay on top of his schedule. This integrates all social media platforms and other software in to one place, making it easier and more efficient. A growing business always needs people, especially the ones you can trust and Edwin Miranda certainly had the best people beside as the company grew. He recommends predictive marketing for everyone as he thinks the world of advertising is changing and it would be best to adapt.

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