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Dumping Apple And Facebook Stock Then $18 Billion Cash

Dumping Apple And Facebook Stock

The last time George Soros made a huge impact in the financial markets, he bought gold. Today, he sells full shares of some of the largest businesses around. It’s no surprise that George Soros would have and own stock in Apple or Facebook. Facebook is a billion dollar brand that’s made others rich, and learn more about George Soros.

Apple is an electronics and computer manufacturer who continues to set the stage for its market and innovates the technology standards we live by. Each company offers a great deal to investors. Yet as time winds down and the philanthropic work of George Soros comes to an end, money will be needed.


This money is what George Soros is investing in other places.

Our recent headlines of $18 billion donated to the Open Society Foundations was an act of George Soros that follows a clear trend. The chips on are the table, and the major work of George is coming to an end.


No One Can Ever Tell The Mind Of George

It’s difficult to truly predict where George’s actions stem from.

There’s likely financial data he has that hasn’t been released. It’s likely that no one else has this data. George Soros was seen as brilliant his entire financial career. He’s known for making financial moves that no one gets at first. The results, however, are more billions to his name, family and legacy, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


Big Moves In Recent Weeks

Part of the trending behavior we see with the trades of George Soros begins with a huge announcement that George lost tremendous wealth because of President Donald Trump, and that George then invested largely in gold. The purchase of gold is used as protection in the financial world.

That large stake in gold, by George Soros, offers him protection as he donates $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. This large donation amounted to what was roughly 80 percent of George’s personal wealth. The actions, along with dumping Facebook and Apple stock, reveal a great deal.


Why The Numbers Actually Matter

There’s a big position being taken by George Soros, and no one will know until he’s made money from it. The financial taxes of the richest in America are tracked but are only required by law when profits are made. Until we see the financial results he earns, we’ll never know the entire plan of Mr. Soros.

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