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Dr. Saad Saad’s Two Medical Inventions Continue To Make Him Known Far And Wide Many Years After Retiring From Active Surgery

When Saad Saad was born in Lebanon in the late 1940s, he did not know that he would visit four continents, live in different countries, performs complex surgeries and leave a legacy. Interestingly, nobody knows. When Saad was a young boy, it is not clear what he wanted to be. One can say that his love for medicine did not start today. At least, his career in medicine was evident when he graduated with a medical degree from Cairo University.


Saad’s Early Life


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Lebanon but much of his childhood was spent in Kuwait where his parents together with their eight children lived. When the time came to do a career, Saad moved to Egypt and joined Cairo University where he studied medicine. Upon graduation, he moved to England where he worked as a medical intern. After some time though, Saad moved to the USA where he furthered his career and within a short but rigorous period, he became board certified pediatric surgeon.


Saad diligently served his community in New Jersey for a long time. Occasionally, he was invited to take part in many medical missions locally and internationally. Apart from his medical services in Holyland, Saad conducted several complex surgeries on needy children when he made 8 trips to Jerusalem and to the West Bank. At one point, Dr. Saad received an invitation from Saudi Arabia’s royal family to work at King Specialist Hospital. From here, Dr. Saad could perform complicated surgeries. He is on record to be the first board-certified pediatric surgeon to operate on the youngest child that was admitted with an aneurysm. The surgery was successful. A reputable medical journal published the story terming Mr. Saad a hero.


Although many years have passed since that incident took place in the Middle East, Dr. Saad’s passion for helping children undergo a pain-free surgery did not cease. He went ahead to study and came up with two medical inventions that are in use today. The aim of the two inventions that Dr. Saad Saad personally came up with is to reduce or remove the pain patients undergo for many days before a surgery.

The innovations by Saad Saad are all about taking the medical industry to another level. They are about bringing efficiency in the industry. Surgical operations can now be done with great accuracy using these tools. They make medical operations safer for the patient which is the ultimate goal of Dr. Saad Saad.

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