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Dr. Saad Saad on why he became a doctor and what he does before surgery

Dr. Saad Saad has an interesting story to tell. He was born in Palestine and has seven siblings. They all had so much potential and used it to their advantage. The up and coming doctor moved to the United States 45 years ago to start a new life and pursue new opportunities in the medical field.


Saad is a pediatric surgeon that has performed thousands of surgeries creating new surgical procedures in the pediatric realm. He has even patented two new inventions. Doctor Saad Saad has a passion for giving back and has traveled to Jerusalem on an incredible eight medical missions to help children get complex surgeries poor disadvantaged children desperately need for free.


He decided to pursue a profession in the medical profession from working with his older brothers. They worked construction and Saad Saad wanted to be just like them. Working in the hot summer heat was enough though to change his mind. He decided that he wanted to work where air conditioning indoors. He has worked with some of the greatest pediatric surgeons in the United States and has learned a lot from them. One of the biggest lessons he learned was to treat every child equally no matter their background or status, or race. He also learned to be a hardworking person who is honest and kind. Keeping up on trends the doctor is excited about how genetics will impact medicine and how we treat patients. With a person’s DNA you can prevent, diagnose, understand, treat patients individually. This will be a more effective way to treat patients because it will be specific to them, and not just a one size fits all method. Saad Saad stays productive and efficient by be organized and doing lots of research. When performing surgery he uses a new techniques. These are getting enough sleep and a good healthy breakfast. Dr. Saad Saad makes sure there is no loud music and personal talking in the operation room so he and his team can focus on the patient and their recovery.
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Dr. Saad Saad is a practicing doctor who specializes in pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery. He has over 40 years experience in the medical field and is affiliated with many hospitals. The doctor was born in Palestine, but was raised in Kuwait. Dr. Saad Saad attended Cairo University in Egypt where he received his medical degree in 1971.


He now resides in Eatontown, New Jersey where he practices medicine. He is affiliated with many hospitals including Monmouth Medical Center at their Long Branch Campus and Jersey Shore University Medical Center. With a passion for helping patients Dr. Saad Saad has won multiple awards. These include the Compassionate Doctor Recognition and the Patients’ Choice Award, both in 2014.

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