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Over the last numerous years, Dr. S aad has done a lot of complicated pediatric operations on children as well as teenagers. Although he works in Eatontown, New Jersey he has taken part in medical missions all over the world and especially in Jerusalem. He has invented and patented two methods of performing surgeries.
Dr. S aad was inspired to become a medic when e was a student in Kuwait and noticed how the weather became too hot and realized that he had to become a doctor so that he can work in a comfortable environment. He specially chose to be a surgeon because he preferred to work in a room which had air conditioning. Although he jokes a lot when telling this story he has used his talent as a surgeon to help needy people especially children.
Dr. Saad was born in Palestine but he was raised in Kuwait. He had eight siblings surgeons, three of them were surgeons, two had doctorates in engineering and another one was a teacher. He studied at the University of Cairo with honors’ and was second overall in his class. Coming from a poor background, Dr. Saad says he had no option but to work hard in school. He took his ECFMG exam in Beirut, Lebanon, which allowed him to him to practice in the US after finishing his medical education.
His stay in the States was cut short in the 1980s when he was asked to be the official pediatrician for the Saudi royal family. This rare chance rose because the only certified surgeon who was fluent in both Arabic and English. This was a rare opportunity for him and it was almost impossible for him to say no to the opportunity. He worked for the Royal family for almost five years and says that he liked it very much there because they treated him like one of them. Learn more:https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview
Besides working for the royal family he also gave medical lectures to surgical clubs in Riyadh and was excited about spreading and sharing his knowledge with others. His family met with many people all over the world and in Saudi Arabia. He also visited many places in the world with his families like Egypt and Canada and other captivating places.
While working at the King Faisal specialist hospital he was called upon to perform complex as well as simple surgeries. Most of the staff in the hospital were trained in the UK or US and he was able to work with a well-qualified staff and the hospital was fully equipped. He was well respected and his ideas were taken seriously.
Although he mainly served the rich at King Faisal hospital he also had the chance to the needy and poor. He has also created a surgical residency program for Saudi Arabia students. He also created a working connection in the UK which makes students in Saudi Arabia get certification while at home.

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