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Dr Rod Rohrich – dos and don’ts for his patients

When you wish to consult a practitioner in the plastic surgery space, one thing you need to be careful is the expertise that he or she brings to the table. Even though anyone with a valid license could categorize themselves as plastic surgeons, in reality, not every cosmetic surgeon could give you best results. This is where someone like Dr. Rod Rohrich, the award-winning surgeon based out of Dallas, Texas scores so high over so many others in the space. He has not only authored many books in the field but brings a solid reputation for dealing with almost any type of complication you could imagine when it comes to plastic surgeries. This is why he recommends all the people out there to be beware of the realities and do adequate research before finalizing on the right practitioner.

And when you look at the certifications of a particular practitioner, he recommends all the patients to check if a particular doctor is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. That is the most authentic form of certification where doctors would undergo rigorous amounts of study and research to clear the written and oral examination. He also suggests the patients do some level of homework when it comes to the type of surgery they would be consulting the doctor for. It would help them to be prepared to ask some really good questions to the doctor as well as to have a realistic expectation from the surgery. No wonder why he is considered the best in the business.


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