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Dr. Mark McKenna Become a Thriving and Passionate Entrepreneur

You can always make a name for yourself through kind acts to the community. It’s not easy to be an aggressive entrepreneur, community advocate, philanthropist, and medical doctor at the same time. Nonetheless, this is what Dr. Mark McKenna decided to become. He is a medical school graduate at Tulane University. The Louisiana State and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners have licensed Mark in Medicine and Surgery. Mark comes from New Orleans and he has been committed to the medical industry together with his father. He just joined the real estate later after working with his father in the medical field for several years.

After several years in the real estate industry, Mark became successful and took his business to another level. Dr. Mark McKenna came up with strategies on how he could succeed in the insurance industry. The first step toward this dream was starting a title and mortgage insurance company. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer in other companies he founded such as McKenna Crescent Investments, Uptown Title, and Universal Mortgage Lending. He is always grateful to Hurricane Katrina for helping him to get back to his feet after the 2005 hurricane.

Mark has become so successful such that he even got a spot at Doctorprenuer. It’s a CBS TV show that hosts successful entrepreneurs to share their experiences and skills with the novice entrepreneurs. Mark also founded a medical aesthetic company called OVME to improve the quality of patients’ lives. He sourced for over $4 million from several investment firms to make his dream come true. Besides having a powerful app for the clients, OVME has clinics in Atlanta, Nashville, and Las Vegas. Dr. Mark McKenna is married to a fashion and bikini model called Gianine McKenna.


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