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Dr. Mark McKenna Article

Who is Dr.Mark McKenna?

Dr. McKenna at present a Medical Doctor licensed in Medicine and Surgery. From New Orleans (LA), Dr. Mark McKenna is an alumni of Tulane University Medical school. Committed to serving and helping those in need, he donates much of his time and resources giving back to the community. In addition to being a successful medical practitioner, Dr. McKenna is an esteemed member of the “Entrepreneurs Organization”. Prior to this, Dr. McKenna occupied a seat as a board member of the “New Orleans Industrial Developmental Board”. He has also taken notable roles in well known events such as the “New Orleans Jazz Festival”.

Ventures in Entrepreneurship

Upon completion of his medical training, Dr. Mark McKenna partnered and practiced medicine with his father. At the same time he started “McKenna Venture Investments”, a real estate development firm. Not long after, Dr. Mark McKenna pursued and launched a project called “Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.”. With around 50 employees in the companies, a multitude of services would be offered such as:

FinanceReal Estate ClosingTurnkey Design-buildHow does he do it?

• Finance
• Real Estate Closing
• Turnkey Design-build

In a Q&A with the Entrepreneur/Doctor, Mr. Mckenna stated that he frequently sets objectives for himself and routinely practices determination. He affirms that meditation and thought is key to realizing and achieving your goals. This “blend” of both sectors is what leads him along the path of success. Dr. Mark McKenna is both a doctor and entrepreneur, not many other people can claim to be both. The active goal setting is what he believes enables him to accomplish so much.

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