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Dr. Chris And MB2 Dental, Running On Innovation

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is professionally known as Dr. Villanueva. In addition to his own dentist practice, he’s instituted a revolutionary way for dentists to form a patient centered alliance network. Collectively the network is called, MB2 Dental and it functions as a business unit. The network allows dentists to receive the same level of services whether they have a private practice or practice within larger group settings. Dr. Chris provides services in connection with his entrepreneurial vision of creating a business model that works for all dentists. Whereby all member dentists, even those in private practice have equal access to tools that increase revenue. These tools include state-of-the-art efficiencies, which are required to fuel advanced technologies. Yet, instead of carrying a financial burden, members have equal access to the same tools, equipment and technologies.

As part of the MB2 Dental affiliate network. Dr. Villanueva doesn’t intend to stop developing the networks. He has future plans to enhance patient care with extended services. When asked by an interviewer to discuss his worst job, he said it was where he was employed at fresh out of dental college. A private practice where the wife of the dentist took care of the business end. He referred to the entire experience as,”awful,” because the wife lacked the critical skills to place the patients’ needs first. This would later lead him to found a business network to help dentists run their business’ front and back end. While leaving the dentists to do what they do best, facilitate care for their patients.MB2 Dental is the future of practical management, according to Dr. Villanueva.

It’s helping to transcend the tendencies of traditional dental practices. Because the focus is on making the overall practice run efficiently and not just concentrating on increasing profits. Dr. Villanueva created a business model based on dentists keeping professional standards, while lending support to one another. In addition to the dentists working collectively, the suite of services provided include: payroll and human resources, marketing help, tips and suggestions to grow private practices and access to an expert legal staff. The goal is give dentists everything that’s needed to run a successful practice. There’s also a way to bring the dentists together to share friendship as well, with twice yearly retreats. Members are able to participate in fun activities like team beach volleyball and white water rafting in relaxing exotic locales, such as Cabo, Mexico.

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