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Discounts, Offers and Networking in one magic Black Card

There has been an increased Buzz and popularity about Magnises and their new black card. The card and Magnises was founded by Billy McFarland a few months ago. Since its launch, the card has changed the way people see and deal with credit card. The whole idea of the credit card came to Billy McFarland like magic. He was with his friends, and they were discussing how the American Express had done a great job in marketing its cards to high-end clients. However, the card remains somewhat irrelevant to anyone that is aged 22 to 35 years. They never get the chance to have the network and community aspect of the card. After discovering this, Billy McFarland decided to change it. He launched the black card created mainly for millennials.

The Magnises Company will tell you that the credit card is less about the card and more about the community that comes with the card. The whole idea is about creating a better social experience for young people. The card finds interested parties from different walks of life and connects them through a credit card. Everything about the card has been created to become relevant and applicable to one’s daily life.

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The card initially started through a series of social events. Members with Magnises enjoyed an exclusive membership to interact with other people from different industries. Members holding the card were able to form a robust network. The annual membership fee of $250 is something small compared to the perks and benefits that come with holding the card. After paying the $250 fee, you get a heavy black card that contains information of credit cards on their banks. The link with one’s different credit cards was the reason for the first initial hype for the credit card. Magnises has since gained its popularity due to its multiple offers on businessinsider.com. The black card comes with a variety of offers such as discounted tickets to exclusive restaurants, events, and concerts. Most of the offers received by the company are straight from brand leaders such as Samsung.

According to the company CEO, Billy McFarland, the real benefit of holding the card is the power one gets with the community. Any young professional wants to meet other professionals too. Brands that the company partners with prepares the millennials for offers and special events.

Apart from the direct benefit of holding the card, members can enjoy a host of experiences and benefits through the card. Magnises has created a unique set of professional and cultural event in line with their current membership interests. The experiences vary from private members concerts, exclusive previews at different galleries and foodies with notable chefs.

Such perks include getting an access to the hottest clubs, obtaining discounts on concerts, shows, sporting events and get travel bookings across the world. Magnises has grown to become a huge sensation where millennials can enjoy several perks and an excellent network community.

Reference: https://www.instagram.com/magnises/

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