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Daughter Reunited With Her Birth Father After 57 Years

Christine Kiefer is a 57-year-old woman who did not know her birth father until recently. She was put up for adoption six days after she was born. She knew that her father was named Dorie and lived in Pennsylvania.

Christine was raised by her grandparents, but she always wondered about her birth father. She turned to ancestry.com for help. She used DNA samples to locate her father. Christine decided to travel over 1,000 miles to find her father. She attended a family get-together.

Eighty-one year-old Dorie was elated to see his daughter. He stated that he was happy to find the daughter that he never knew that he had. Christine was able to meet a lot of new relatives, but there was one that she recognized. She met Cindy Mostrom, who is Dorie’s niece. They recognized each other from Ancestry.com.

It was Cindy’s idea to invite Christine to the family get-together. Even though Christine and Dorie spent a short amount of time together, they found out that they had a lot in common. They both put salt on their food before they test it. Christine also stated that her son has his grandfather’s ears.

Cindy has left Pennsylvania, but she still stays in touch with her father. Dorie and his wife plan on attending Christine’s son’s wedding. Dorie will get the opportunity to meet his four grandchildren and six grandchildren.

Cindy has been called the DNA detective. She stated that being able to reunite a father and daughter was a gift from God. Christine and her father plan to make up for all of the time that they lost. Dorie stated that anything worth having is worth the wait.

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