A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

Couples Life Changes For The Better After Adopting Child With Down’s SyndromeL

Carlo and Laurie Mendoza always wanted to have children. However, they encountered problems while trying to conceive. They tried to conceive with IVF for four years, but it did not work. They eventually came to the realization that they would not be able to conceive children naturally. That is why they decided to adopt a child.

During the application process, they were asked whether they were open to adopting a special needs child. They thought that it would be wrong to exclude a special needs child, so they stated that they would be willing to adopt one. In October 2010, they drove to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. They met with children who the adoption agency had problems placing with a family.

The couple was overwhelmed. They did not know which child was right for them. However, four-month-old Liam caught the couple’s eye. His family gave him up for adoption because they could not care for him. After the couple left the convention, they were sent letters. Every letter had information about Liam.

The couple was told that Liam will likely need physical therapy and speech therapy. They were also told that he will likely have behavioral problems. Liam will need to have neck surgery at some point in his life. However, the couple was still up for all of the challenges.

Liam was officially adopted in December 2010. He was like any other baby, but the effects of his Down’s Syndrome became apparent when he became a toddler. He has had speech delays, but he has made progress since he started going to speech therapy. The couple recently adopted another child, who is two-years-younger than Liam. Jamie has taught Liam a lot.

The couple realizes that Liam is different from most children. He is 7-years-old, but he cannot complete a lot of simple tasks. He also needs an educational assistant in school. However, the couple loves watching him reach milestones. They want him to graduate, get a job and live an independent life just like every other child.

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