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Explaining The Adoption Process

Couple Becomes Adoptive Parents in Just 48 Hours

Rob and Zack are a married couple who adopted their son Asher in March of 2017. The couple’s road to parenthood has been a whirlwind, but both men say that becoming fathers is a dream come true. The pair was introduced to each other through friends and have been together about 7 years. They got married in September of 2013 and are both in their early 30s. The couple resides in Washington, D.C: Rob works in the nonprofit sector and Zack works for the state.


Before the couple made the choice to become parents, they spent a considerable amount of time trying to choose between adoption and surrogacy. They wondered how important it would be to have a biological connection to the child in terms of forming a bond. Of course, the cost of having a surrogate was also considered. After some debate, they decided that adoption was the best choice for their family.


Biological connection was not necessarily a priority for Rob and Zack, and Rob’s parents have yet to accept that their son is gay and married to a man. Rob barely speaks with his mother and father, but maintains a positive relationship with his siblings, their families and his extended relatives. This may have factored into Rob and Zack’s decision to adopt a child, since it has been Rob’s experience that being related to someone by blood does not always indicate a strong bond.


Just four days after the couple signed up to be adoptive parents, they got a call to travel to Texas to meet Asher and Asher’s birth mother. Rob was overseas when the agency called, so Zack had to prepare for the trip for the both of them, even though he wasn’t sure how long their Texas stay would be. The couple state that they hadn’t prepared for a baby, since they’d applied for adoption so recently. However, with the help of loved ones, they were able to make Asher’s transition into their home a smooth one.


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