A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

Couple Adopts Two Children

Christie and Derek Egbert always knew that they wanted to adopt. They could not have children naturally, so they knew that adoption was their only option. The couple reached out to Bethany Christian. It took them one year to get approved for adoption. They were able to adopt a three-week-old boy named Owen. He is now 4-years-old.

The couple received a phone call from the boy’s birth mother. He wanted to meet the family. The woman was married, but she was living with her boyfriend. The family thought that the boyfriend was Owen’s family. However, they found out that the estranged husband was the father.

The couple hit a roadblock when they found out that Owen’s biological father wanted him back. However, the judge stated that if they did not hear back from the father in four months, then his rights would be terminated. Owen’s father never signed the adoption papers.

The couple made the adoption final when Owen was a year old. After the couple finalized Owen’s adoption, they were ready to try again. They eventually adopted a little boy named Mason. His mother was on drugs and could not take care of him. He had to spend a month in the hospital in order to detox. Mason was supposed to be cared for by his birth father, but he decided that he could not take care of him.

The couple is still in touch with Owen’s birth mother. They even went to her wedding. They know that they have saved Mason from a lifetime of hurt and uncertainty. They have the utmost respect for both of their children’s birth parents. They stated that the birth parents made a difficult decision and gave them a miracle.

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