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Cotemar as a Sustainable Firm in the Oil and Energy Sector

Cotemar is purely Mexican and majors in the oil and gas industry. They have been in existence for close to four decades where they have been providing efficient services to Petroleos Mexicanos, commonly known as Pemex. Cotemar’s services are certified and validated by their major customer, an assurance that they deliver services above par. They function under the guidance of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Concept. The program goes a long way in informing projects and ensuring sober practices managed in such a way to fulfill the industry’s corporate vision, mission, and goals. Cotemar’s dedication towards CSR has earned them the Socially Responsible Corporation Award for four years in a row.



Cotemar’s Role in Mexican Oil Increased Growth



Cotemar involves itself in all services that Pemex operates in. They involve themselves in a broad range of services. Most crucial is their unmatched ability to pioneer technologies that impact oil extraction. Besides being actively involved in onshore activities, Cotemar also endeavors in different offshore services like cuisines and accommodation, creation of vessels, maintenance, marine operations among others. The company always makes efforts to expand their services to the entire oil and gas industry. It is envisioned that in the near future, the state will consider working with private companies to enhance Mexico’s oil production.



Unique Aspects About Cotemar, the Game Changer



Cotemar ensures a highly competent model through working with an exceedingly competent workforce. They operate under strategized means guided by three lines. Each of these strategic lines inclines towards several market segments including catering and housing, construction, engineering, maintenance, modernization among others. Such plans have enabled them to perform excellently and therefore remain ahead of the curve. Cotemar’s continued distinction also places them in a special position to provide their esteemed clients quality services that are hard to access anywhere else in Mexico.



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Cotemar greatly values their employees. This is one of the attributes making them remain committed to their course. Apart from that, they also take them through thorough training whereby they learn more regarding oil and energy sectors. This company frequently offers job opportunities to persons qualified in their respective posts. If you are seeking to work with Cotemar, all you need to do is submit your resume. They evaluate your qualifications, and if they match their requirements, you get enrolled. You, however, must be dynamic and nimble to fit in their distinctive program perfectly.


Visit http://cotemar.com.mx/ for more details.


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