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Combating the 7 Year Itch

Married life can be a real hassle for anyone that does not know what to expect once the honeymoon is over. So many couples have relationships with problems when they do not brace themselves for the years after the initial infatuation. It is easy to fall in love with someone and have a romantic link until things start to take a different shape as you become partners under the same roof. Once you get to a place where you are looking for any type of relationship outside of your marriage you may have drifted.

So many people are embracing their married lives, but they find themselves looking for an out if the spark dies. This is often referred to as a 7 year itch. This is an arbitrary number because some people find themselves looking for someone else to love before a 7 year period. Some are looking for a spark with someone else after they have been in a relationship for 7 years or more. It all just depends on of a person feels stuck in their marriage.

Men are typically more inclined to create a spark with someone else because they have a relationship that is often connected with sexual activity. It is not uncommon for someone that is attracted to a woman to engage in a sexual encounter when they are not being fulfilled at home.

Women, on the other hand, have their minds set on an entirely different concept. A woman that is looking for an opportunity to engage with someone else may find themselves looking at a relationship where they will be able to engage in better relationship where they will be able to engage with a new partner. These women tend to have what is referred as an emotional affair. They become very attached to people that want to explore their emotional needs.

In many instances the emotional affair is something that leads to a physical affair as well. These are all things that tend to happen during a 7 year itch, but it makes more sense for people to sort out their battles and make better decisions. If you simply start with a conversation you will have a much better opportunity to save your marriage from utter destruction.

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