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Cloudwick Develops Advanced Technology Platform To Power Security

Cloudwick provides specialized open source big data services and consulting to their large client base consisting of the Global 1000. The firm provides services and solutions that place organizations in the position to increase their competitive edge. Cloudwick was founded in 2011 by Maninder Chhabra, and he currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The firm is privately held and is based in the San Francisco Bay area.

The company is renowned for their innovative products, including CDAP, a bimodal business transformation and also their Cloudwick One. Their large team consists of highly trained professionals including certified data scientists and engineers. The experts at Cloudwick will offer consultation services with the clients to get to know and understand their unique requirements. They assess their business needs and technological requirements to provide them with a scalable data lake solution. This can be either on-premise or cloud based. They’ll deliver and implement numerous benefits to the client, including a cost effective and reliable solution with enhanced capabilities.

Cloudwick recently announced their new platform CDL (cyber data lake) launched on their security analytics platform. According to the company, the big data system can ingest telemetric data up to 100 million events in a second while the higher performers can ingest 500,000 per second. The data is captured through an ingestion pipeline and then it will be stored within an on-premise data lake. This high level of data security befits corporate issues such as compliance and risk management, and it protects the system from potential threats. The company worked on the system for over two years developing it and perfecting it.

The company states that it has many hundreds of thousands of open source production hours. They also have one of the highest levsls of experience both on-premise and in the cloud for building and for monitoring as well as for managing data clusters. Cloudwick has as its clients many of the world’s largest companies, including JP Morgan, Target, Walmart, Nike, the 3M Corporation, Safeway, and Verizon.

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